What Our Clients Say About Us


“When I came to the mobile unit, I was able to talk to somebody about how I feel, you know? I didn’t have to keep everything inside. Just those little things that people never think are important are like the most important stuff. People just being there for you and understanding your problem. I think that’s what helped me because at home I wasn’t getting that support. And when I came here, I felt like, you know, I could do this, even though it was hard. But, I had hope afterward.”


“I HAD HOPE” – Patricia 24 yrs.


“My friend was driving and saw the bus. She knew I could be pregnant and called me to tell me about the free pregnancy test and ultrasound. I came back with my friend. The ladies on the bus were so nice to me. I was thinking about abortion. I already had one a few years ago. I was ashamed about telling them. When I told them about the abortion I had and that I was thinking about it again, they were so understanding. I did not feel like I was being judged.”


“I DID NOT FEEL I WAS BEING JUDGED” – Alison 22 yrs. (Not actual name.)


“I came here on a work visa for six months and while in FL, found I was pregnant. No family here and I was so afraid! I wanted to keep my baby but did not know how I was going to afford medical insurance. The woman I spoke with on the bus told me that I could get Medicaid. I had no idea I could get medical insurance. She provided me with all the information I needed to begin the process and gave me many more referrals to other organizations that could help me that I did not know about. Finally, I felt like I could do this!”


“I CAN DO THIS” – Jessica 24 yrs.


Mobile Unit Locations

Our mobile units go throughout Palm Beach County. Please call for an appointment.
Urban Youth Impact
2823 N Australian Ave
West Palm Beach, FL 33407

BRIDGES at Lake Worth West
4730 Maine Street
Lake Worth, FL 33461

BRIDGES at Lake Park
1411 10th Street
Lake Park, FL 33403

3115 45th St.
West Palm Beach, FL 33407


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